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Why spend a fortune on craft supplies? At Lost & Found Crafts, you'll find an abundance of materials to create with at affordable prices.  Do your part to divert these materials from the landfill, and express yourself by creating with secondhand craft supplies.

Silent Auction Benefiting Homeless Backpacks

Lost & Found Crafts will be hosting our first ever silent auction here at the store from December 9 - 13, 2020.  100% of the winning bids will be donated to Homeless Backpacks, an amazing non-profit in our community that works tirelessly to make sure homeless kids in our area have enough to eat.  You can read more about them on their website:  Homeless Backpacks

The auction will work like this:  if you have an item(s) you'd like to donate, bring it by the store before December 8.  Donations can be craft supplies, craft lessons in something (the classroom here can be used for this if you'd like), or something crafty you've made.  This is a craft store, after all.  🙂  I'm thinking I may cap this at 25 donations for space reasons but we'll see how it goes as things trickle in.

I will get the items displayed with bidding sheets.  Then, any time during our hours December 9 to 13, swing in and bid on items! If you'd rather come in when the store is closed, let me know and I will happily meet you here when you feel more comfortable. As always, please wear a mask when you're in the store.

The auction ends at 2:00pm Sunday, December 13.  The winners will be contacted and can pick up items either that day or later in the week.

Happy bidding!

Lost & Found Crafts NEWS


As many of you already know, we now sell new and used supplies!  We will only stock those items that are not donated, such as roving, hand-dyed wool, diamond art kits, etc. We have also started stocking quilting fabric, but will be focused more on solids and pre-cut patterned fabrics (so - not many patterned bolts).  The selection of quilting fabric being donated has decreased dramatically this year.

The purpose of the store is still keeping craft items with life left out of the landfills, and to keep crafting affordable for the masses.  Because my overhead is a fraction of that of big box stores, I can keep prices low for not only the secondhand items but also new stock.  I want to be sure the store has a large variety of craft materials to choose from!


With the Governor's new mandates, the store can remain open but at 25% capacity.  The store is rarely busy enough for that to come into play.  If there are more than a few people in the main room, I will ask that some people spread out to the other shopping area (we have two rooms of supplies), and in the very rare occurrence both rooms have 3+ people, the classroom is available for anybody to sit down, have a cup of coffee and read a craft magazine while waiting for things to thin out.

As always - please wear a mask and socially distance.  There are masks available for anyone who forgot theirs, and there are containers of sanitizer spread throughout the store.

Lost & Found Crafts Appointments

We offer appointments to use our Cricut Machine, shop after hours, or rent our classroom!

After Hours Shopping

Browse for 30 minutes when nobody else is around!

Cricut Machine

Cut out your pattern without buying an expensive machine!

Rent our Classroom

Invite up to 5 people, coffee and tea provided!


Donations are the bread & butter of a creative reuse center, and are very much appreciated!

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