About Us

Who We Are

Have you ever wanted to try out a new craft, but didn't want to invest the money to buy new craft supplies? Have you ever wanted to do something extra to help the environment, and lessen the load on our landfills?

These were things I used to think about a lot.  I'd wait for sales at the big box stores, try out a new craft and decide I didn't like it, wasn't good at it, or just wasn't interested in it anymore.  My craft room was getting very, very full -- I know all of you can relate!

I saw creative reuse centers pop up around the country, and searched for one locally.  There wasn't one!  I was surprised - Olympia is full of artists and environmentalists - seems like something like this would have existed before now.  My husband and I had talked about opening a used bookstore/cafe when we retired, but here was a great opportunity thrown in our laps (by me...).  So here we are.

The store works by community donation, and in return I give that person a 10% off their next purchase.  I thought initially I'd be scouring estate sales and garage sales, but WOW - I was wrong!  Sounds like a lot of you in our community have craft rooms that look like mine!

Swing in and enjoy looking around, pick up a new hobby or revisit an old one.  I may not have the inventory that the big box stores have, but you can shop knowing you're doing your part to help save our environment and keep things out of the landfills - and saving money while you're at it.

I look forward to seeing you soon! Happy Crafting!



More than Just a Store

Can a craft store be more than just a place to buy craft supplies? Absolutely! Our staff is always on hand to help offer ideas and inspiration.

We also very gladly take donations of your gently used secondhand crafting supplies. Creative reuse centers are successful with the support of the community. Because we are not a non-profit, we cannot give you a tax deduction form, but we will give you 10% off your next purchase or 10% off a class. Please contact us if you have items to donate!

Groups will still be the primary use for the classroom -- create your own, join another one... it's a great way to meet like-minded people, create new friendships, learn new techniques or a whole new craft.  The groups are free and are limited to about 4-6 people.  Give the store a call to learn if there is already a group for you, or if you want to create one.  But do check the "Classes & Groups" section to see our selection of classes as well!  We don't do many classes, preferring the classroom use to be our groups, but we will do a class from time to time.

Our Creative Team

We are makers and artists, just like you! Be sure to let us know what you are working on. Send us a picture of your finished project and feedback on how the craft supplies worked for you.

Michelle, the owner, is primarily a hand-stitcher.  There's no fabric and thread she won't want to stitch with/on.  Wool applique is her favorite, Sue Spargo in particular.  She also is a new quilter, and loves English Paper Piecing, and has recently taken up mixed media art.

Gale works one day a week - she's Michelle's mom.  She is a beautiful quilter, but if you call her a quilter, she'll brush it off.  Don't let her!  She recently finished two different Jen Kingwell quilts that were stunning.  She's also picked up wool applique and loves the Sue Spargo threads too.

Teri works on Thursdays & Saturdays and is our resident professional quilter.  A lot of the quilt samples around the store are hers... and the cross stitch samples too!  She is also another new convert to Sue Spargo.  See my evil plan at work here?